An Independent Judiciary - The Shield of a Free Society

An Independent Judiciary - The Shield of a Free Society

In a session that started with Nazi Germany and fast forwarded to present times, the panelists emphasized that an independent judiciary forms the backbone of societal trust. When judges engage in a myopic prejudicial analysis of a legal issue, the law can become a weapon to inflict legal wrongs rather than acting as the trusted shield of justice forming the backbone of a free society.

The Supreme Court Awards Curtis Flowers a New Trial!

I’m a podcast geek. For those of you not in the know, a podcast is the most wonderful invention of the modern time for people like me who are nosey about the happenings of the world, but a little too lazy to dig up all the facts. Enter investigative journalists who do the work for you and tell the facts in a form reminiscent of a bedtime story. That is if a bedtime story included murder, wrongful conviction, and the constitution. So maybe an adult bedtime story.

Your Car and Government Seizure

Your Car is Now Safe from Unreasonable Governmental Seizure

More exciting news out of the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) from Timbs v. Indiana. In a nutshell, SCOTUS determined the police cannot seize and sell your stuff for committing small crimes. This is important to all Americans, because theoretically the law allowed police to take a citizen’s car and sell it, keeping the proceeds, by showing nothing more than the driver exceeded the speed limit. Scary, huh?

Watching the US Supreme Court

This week, I had the honor of watching the United States Supreme Court in action with Timbs v. Indiana. At stake is whether states can seize property connected to crimes with no regard to cost. The State of Indiana argued that the law allows seizure of even the most expensive automobile if a driver goes so much as 5 mph over the speed limit. The Supreme Court seemed to take umbrage at this thought. 

Happy Constitution Day!

Have you read the United States Constitution lately? I know, not as interesting as binge watching Game of Thrones. But just take a minute to glance at this important legal document. Do you see the large first words?

We the People.

SCOTUS Overturns Indiana Supreme Court - Police Must Get a Warrant To Access Your Phone

SCOTUS issued an order today overturning the Indiana Supreme Court in the conviction of my client Marcus Zanders. Certiorari was granted.